Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/28/09

Run and gun~!

I've returned home to collapse!

We hit the road on the 19th to start the tour. The Live shows in Nagoya City, Fukuoka City, Oita, and Kagoshima have all finished safely.

This appears to be the tour where we jump from one show to the next. But, it also appears to be the tour packed with more details and content.

We called all the bands at the Events before we showed up in our trusty van. So, to all the bands and everyone on the staff, Thank you.

And to all the fans who came out to our shows, from my heart, Thank you.

I feel so very grateful.

Thank you. (heart)

I was shrewdly thinking ahead on this tour and always looking for great places to eat lot's of delicious foods. (laugh)

Some of the other members were with me on this, and now they are members who are sporting extra padding on their waists. (laugh)

At each place we visited, we took time out to do a radio interview. You were sure to check it out, right?!

Well, we're still recording so you can expect more from us!!!!

I'm keeping up the good fight!!!

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