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Anza Myspace Blog 4/24/09


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Today I successfully finished recording!!

We did well, even if I do say so myself. (laugh)

Still, I'm quite exhausted from it. Each time I get into the recording booth, I try to have my state of mind reaching it's peak. As for me, the tension is always going up and down, and I worry over it a lot as I try to control it. It's always a question as to how well I'll handle it.

However, I really dislike going into it with a half-hearted attitude!

For me, the big thing is when the song is sung well, you don't feel like you're tell a lie. Because then, what's the point?......I assure you that it's important to me that the songs be taken seriously!

Our songs have very strong different opinions and I want to continue singing those types of songs.

Yet, I realize the intensity needed to sing your true feelings in the world. So, it's the world of HPP that allows me to do this, right? For that I'm truly grateful.

When I meet with people who sympathize with my lyrics and the songs, it make me happy!

For me, I'd like to put complete devotion, body and soul, and live a good life. (?) And also to sing.

In case that goal gets out of reach, it would be hard to even take a breath. (?)

Yet, one day I'd like to take the love I experience as part of HPP and share it with many people with lot's of cultural exchanges!!

Such as an HPP Tour of the whole world, right? (laugh)

Huh? Perhaps in the near future?

Have we been discovered? I should do my best, don't you think?!


A couple lines gave me some trouble. If anyone has any tips to make it better, let me know.

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