Saturday, October 6, 2007

Anza JP Blog 10/7/07

Very well~!!!

Everyday is still the daily routine of recording. We're pushing it to the limit!!!

However, I need to tell the story of 2 days ago....

This year there was also the decision to do another showing of the musical, "The Gift". After a long time, the cast and staff had gotten together on the 5th for a meal in the cool evening.

We have a new son, Jiro who is joining Osamu and Rina. After talking to them, I was thinking that they'll be hot in the future.

I'm powered up to practice , "The Gift". I have high expectations once it starts.

Also, I'm doing my best aided by the fragrance of Tulip incense~!!!!! (By ANZA Tulip Fragrance)


The word that Anza uses for tulip is translated as color. However, from reading other translation notes, they say that it is a reference to a certain flower, usually a tulip. I've never heard of tulip incence, but I don't want to hazard a guess as to what flower smell she really means.

Whatever it is, it must smell good!

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