Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Anza HPP Diary 11/6/07 Tues. *Edit 11/13*


*I removed the pic that I had posted from Mar's Mixi page. He didn't want anyone to post his pics for other uses without his permission.

Thanks to Akira for telling me, and my apologies to Mar.*

At Last

I've finished recording. Sometimes I felt that the time I spent there was excessive, but to succeed I had the difficult battle of sleeplessness to overcome. (laugh)

We went two years without issuing a new Album. Since then, the band members have had lot's of different experiences that transformed their ideas and expectations.

And I had bottled up lot's of thoughts that exploded out giving us plenty to record...after my last birthday it was a welcome feeling.

The band is like your extended family, sometimes you act like a fool and quarrel over trivial things. But, through it all, you learn to rely on each other to get the job done.

When I look back over my own life, there are many things I wish I had done differently.

But two things make me extremely happy. My role as a member of HPP and having a manager who's a joy to work with.

And through music, a type of universal language, you can communicate with the fans (circle of friends) no matter where they're from.

Tomorrow, again, I'll try my best!

Today, I'll sleep. (laugh)


This will probably be my last Anza translation for a while. I have to get ready to go to LA to see HPP at the PMX Expo. So, I probably won't have time to work on anything else.

I'll probably do a lot of updates from LA when I get there on Thursday.

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