Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anza JP Blog and HPP Diary 11/15/07

Returned to my own country. (music note)

I've returned to Japan safe and sound. The live in Los Angeles was the best. But, the muscle pain after an energetic show is awful....

Even though I had an extremely hard schedule to keep up with, I still found the time to take a trip to Disneyland. There wasn't time for a slow restful visit for pleasure, but it was enjoyable nevertheless!

For the attraction of Finding Nemo I stood in a long line because it was something they don't have in Japan. (laugh)

I also did some shopping and purchased this plush toy. (piglet)

There's been a date change, but tomorrow I begin to concentrate on The Gift practice.

HPP Diary

Passport Stamp!

My first live show in Los Angeles took me by surprise. For real! In spite of the fact that it was the first time for many of you to get the chance to come and see me. I was happy.

The overseas crowds like to cheer and shout and you can't help but to take it all in. Although, as pleasant as it may be, I'm still a little shy from all the attention.....

We also had our first group autograph session. Surprisingly, all the members felt quite at home.

We did many interviews with reporters who collected lot's of data. So look for an endless stream of reports and charged up news articles!

Narumi, update your diary, please? (laugh)

Really.....get with the program!!!!!


I got to ask Anza a few question about Disneyland after the PMX HPP Fan Panel. She said her favorite rides were Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Carribean. She didn't get to take the Peter Pan ride. I forgot to ask her if she went on the Haunted House.

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