Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anza JP Blog 11/8/07

Let me see....

I'm completely wiped out and I need to sleep. (laugh) When you put it off for so long your entire body screams.....

However, I like to push myself more and more to chase after my dream. Why should I ease up when I'm so close to my goal?

There are so many things that can hurt you. Little things can also be very painful....
Because of this you feel like howling in desperation. Still, I feel that it's a real part of life for any human.

Do my best~! Those are the words that appear inside The Gift. You feel better and get energy when you say it to your close friends.

Now, I'm getting ready for my Los Angeles departure. Preparations....they are nowhere near being done. (laughing)


I got a couple days off, so I'll try to catch up on Anza's Blogs. I was trying to download a names dictionary from rikaichan. That should make my translations more accurate. However, I'm having trouble getting my computer to download it, That's what has been taking up my time.

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