Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anza JP Blog 11/7/07

We're done!!

The band successfully finished recording the Album!! Well, I was completely frazzled. But, we managed to complete a good work.

And then, we dive head long into promotion activity. Everyday, we're doing data collecting for magazines and newspapers. I feel like I'm becoming a real motor mouth. (laugh)

And tomorrow, after a date change....we go to Los Angeles on the 8th.

After a long time without a live show, I'm ready to scream my head off!!

At any rate, we'll have no less than an hour to do our stage show....

I'm taking the nutrition drink Toda with me from Japan because they don't carry it in the States. Good idea! Don't you think? (laughing)

And then, practice for "The Gift" starts to take off. Also, I wasn't able to participate in the soundtrack recording because I was short on time. Which makes me feel a little insecure.

But, when everyone is together, I'm growing accustomed to more natural make-up just like my character Ayaka. Kinda strange. Perhaps I'm used to using more.....?

As for me, I hope I'm up for the task to prepare for LA....


Sorry for taking so long to get back to these translations since PMX. I've had nothing but car troubles to deal with for days. I think that's behind me and I hope I can catch up with Anza in a day or two.

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