Monday, November 26, 2007

Anza Jp Blog 11/25/07

Oh. it has to be....

The neck pain I got from the car crash is gone. I'm fine!! I'm sorry if I made you worry.

Everyday the weather is so cold. It seems like this is the season for looking back and thinking about things in your past. Don't you agree?

It seems like the people you meet are the ones who really become important to you. So, I think the cold weather is useful despite the way it oppresses you.

For myself, I think no way that it only started getting cold on the 20th....

However, when you become an adult you use common sense and different clever techniques to deal with the harsh situations. You don't want to cry because the cold weather is pushing you around and you think, "I'm helpless". I wonder if people would think of you as adult if you didn't tough it out. ?

Laughing is good for you. You become accustomed to the cold eventually. Don't you think? Hey! Is this happiness? (heart)?


I'm a bit sketchy on that last part. I felt it was all about the weather and I went that way with it.

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