Thursday, November 22, 2007

Anza JP Blog 11/17/07


When I got back to the house today I collapsed into my chair feeling all worn out.

How many years old am I? However, I know the answer to that.(laugh)

No!! Now wait.... I'm not just physically tired from all the's partly mental fatigue.

Everyday life back in Japan has taken on a serious aspect in earnest. But hey! I'd be a fool to cry over it.

Today (the 17th) my belly became really hunger. That being the case, the manager came by to try my noodles.

Chinese food and Taiwan cuisine are spiced totally differently. As I thought, they are spiced differently according to the tastes of the country that produces it. Each kind has a wonderful taste to be sure.


Anza should open up a restaurant. Noodles and energy drinks! Just kidding.

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