Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anza JP Blog 11/16/07

Actors here!!

It's an unusal everyday update renewal!!

Is it going to storm tomorrow? (laugh)

Today was passed with fine weather. Still, I have laundry to do and I'm reluctant to begin....I came back from Los Angeles with my laundry basket overflowing. (laugh)

With practice over, HPP member Hiro and the manager have taken me out to an Italian restaurant where the food is extremely delicious!! But, time is still blurry from jet lag. (laugh)

The photo is with two nice guys who co-star with me in The Gift. Last year, the officer role was with Manabu Oda. (Manabu Bee-oh) ?

This year, Nirou Takashi has a role with officer Hiroshi Watanabe You (I-chan)?

Both are kind and wonderful actors.


I still haven't downloaded the names software, so I'm not sure about those two lines. Hopefully, the names are right, but I don't know which is which.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back! Keep up the good work.