Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 5/1/09


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May is already here. May 2009 seems like it will be an outrageously busy month.

I'm's also the month when I turn one year older, so it even gets me in that way.....(laugh)

The finish of recording wasn't the end of recording. Because we'll also be doing some recording on the tour, right?

Anyway, as soon as I'm finished with all this tired living, I'm going to lie down in bed. (laugh)

Do you want to know Anza's silly and repetitive life style?.....

First of all, I like very much to go to the DVD rental place to get some movies.
I stay up late at night totally absorbed in them.
And then I sleep till early afternoon.
From around noon time I go to my favorite cafe for lunch.
And then I go for a stroll and hit the department store to do some shopping.
In the evening, I make arrangements for a trip to Guam. (only a next day departure is possible)
Once that's taken care of, I return home safely and make a simple dinner.
At night, I sprinkle some bath powder into the water and take a quick bath.
Then I get out my DVD's to watch till late at night.
At noon I wake up and pack for my trip to Guam.
Once that's done, I'm off to Narita Airport!!
Certainly, it's a night flight departure!!
Then when I land in Guam, I immediately go to the hotel to sleep.
I get up early to make it to my reservation for scuba diving.
Then it's the beach, some shopping, and those sorts of things......
In the evening, I go out for spaghetti with some Japanese people that I'm acquainted with.
My stay in Guam was approximately 2 days.

Then I return home to Japan.

For a short time I escaped my completely exhausted life it seems, but not for long.
However, I haven't given up hope. (laugh)

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