Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anza JP Blog 5/14/09

Doki Doki! (I'm so excited!)

At last, this is the day!!!!

Today, the press conference for, "The Musical Aida" was held. Even under normal circumstances, I feel the tension every time there's a press conference.....however, today was an extra special experience!!

I'm well aware that my tensions are high at this type of event. But this time, I was even more nervous.

Most people can't imagine how it can be so nerve wracking to be with actors and others that you should be acquainted with professionally!!

I kept getting nervous and freezing up in front of people that I admire. (laugh)

Okay!! I'm talking about even more than the shaking hands that I already had!!

It was my first interview with Aran Kei, and I was looking forward to it with a huge longing!!! I admire her. She's kind and beautiful and she aspires to do more stage shows.

And Mr. Irei Kanata, to be sure, it was my first time to meet him. However, I felt he was very similar to my younger brother.

Somehow, this wasn't exactly the start I had pictured in my mind. It felt like I had become very dreamy and it was something hot I felt down into my soul.

This is a tight shot of Amneris, who I will try to become in the future.

I need to be ready before the start of practice. But, I'll be glad when it starts in order to get ready to appear on stage!!

Um, still ahead is the HPP Tour.

There are shows in Osaka, Nagoya City, Tokyo, Sendai City, and Sapporo City.

We'll be waiting for everyone at the concert halls. (heart)

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