Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anza JP Blog 5/24/09

My style.

The schedule at Strum studio has come to an end. I was totally immersed in the fatigue I had collected, but I was so relieved as soon as it was over. (laugh)

To start out with.....the In This Moment Tour ended in fine fashion. We were all happy to be part of it. This makes 2 years in a row that we appeared as the special guest group.

As usual, the ITM members put on a wonderful live show. I was enchanted by the overwhelming power that they showed onstage!

Then there was data collecting by the press and also we had conversations from a different point of view that taught me a lot.

When we got some time off, we went shopping in Harajuku. With being together for 5 days, it was a blessing to discuss different opinions in many different discussions. Like I said, happy times.

And then, I took a day off before the HPP final mix down that we worked on for 3 days.

Ah! There was an unusual instance where 2 of the members had to face off with each other as they tried to give the song a serious tone. (?) I think they made to song sound good, and it has a good feel to it!!

And now, the tour continues with shows in Sendai City and in Sapporo City!

HPP will also be making a special guest Radio appearance, so be sure to go to the official page and check it out, OK?!

Oh! Naturally, the HPP news page is the place to look, at least I think so. Be sure to check there!!!

Thunder is something that makes me's scary and I'm afraid. (laugh)


A couple of lines gave me trouble, but I think I got what she was saying right.

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