Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 5/20/09

I Love!!

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The In This Moment Tour ended in a successful visit to Japan!!

Well~ it was a HAPPY time. After all, with all the interviews, we spent 5 days together with the ITM members. I really liked being with them here in Japan.

The next day, after the Shibuya Quattro concert, we all went to lunch following our last interview. Then the ITM & HPP members all took a trip to the Harajuku shopping district.

Because of the difference in the shops we wanted to visit, the men split from the women. The girl's team went in one direction and the guy's team went in another. (laugh)

There was Maria and Jenny, her manager and PA , and me with the HPP manager. We did a lot of walking as we went shopping for Western style clothes!!

Maria has a great sense of style , and all the clothes she tried on matched and looked really cute!!

After that, Maria and I took time to exchange gifts. We gave each other Western style clothes....I was very happy.

Hey, I'm so pleased with the dress that Maria has given me.

Anyhow, she's such a likable member of ITM!!!

As might be expected, all the running around has worn my body out. (laugh)

Today, we're mixing down the tracks we recorded, and after that is still the Tour of Sendai City and Sapporo City.

I need to get some proper sleep. It can be dangerous if you don't, so I'm going to get some sleep!!!!

To everyone who came to see us in Osaka, Nagoya City, and Tokyo Thank you very much!!

And, all the members of Cross Face were really great!!!

From my heart I want to say thanks.

Thank you so very much.


Jonneh said...

She is so cute, lol. :) I love her outfit, too.

I really, really, really hope they happen to be touring in the middle of December when I go there...haha, I shouldn't get my hopes up though.

Matt said...

My friend Aki says that HPP will be releasing a mini album this fall. There's a good chance they'll be playing somewhere in December. When you find out what concert you'll be going to, just let me know. I'll write Anza and tell her to be looking for you.

Jonneh said...

Matt, has anyone ever told you you are an incredibly awesome person? Wow! haha :D Thank you so much! Well, if you happen to catch wind of any concert dates when the time gets closer, definitely let me know! In the meantime I guess I will just have to refresh their homepage in the coming months.