Monday, June 1, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 5/27/09

Hey guys. (star) Anza here.

Is everyone doing alright? HPP is full of energy and fit as a fiddle. (laugh)

Oh! The In This Moment Tour went off without a hitch. To everyone who came out to see the shows, Thank you.

After this, we had interviews with magazines and the like about the tour, but I'm not sure of all the details of when they will go on sale. Once I find something out, I'll be sure to pass it on. (heart)

And now.

I wonder, what's so special about this day of May 27th?????

Today, Mr. Batch who is Head Phones President's drummer has a birthday! It's true!!!

Among the members, it's been a comfort to make Batch part of the band after all he has contributed. We're settled down and a complete band, and he's a great band mate.

His superior drumming is going to continue. Right on !!!!

So, I want everybody out there to write and wish him a Happy Birthday, OK?!!!!

So~, next is Sendai City and Sapporo City. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there with pleasure. Oh Yeah~!!


Sorry it took so long to getting around to translating this entry. My knee has been really hurting me here lately and I needed a day of where I could sit at my computer and not have to worry whether it would bother me at work. So, for a while at least, I'll just be doing translations on my day off.

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