Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anza JP Blog 5/24/09 by Akira

Hey everyone, my friend Akira translated the Anza JP Blog for 5/24. She also included a link to the Natalie article about the HPP Tour. Here's her translation.


It's too late but I translate 2009/05/24 entry for blog.

We've got the end of our hard schedule and now I have a lot of tired.
First... I was so happy to be in IN THIS MOMENT's tour as guest for two years and it ends without troubles.
ITM members are wonderful, their live performances were full of powers.
This time we had some interviewes and went to Harajuku for shopping, so I was pleasure to spend all the time and talking a lot with them for 5 days.

Then after that, we worked for mixed down of HPP for 3 days without holiday.
We the members are making serious to the musics.
I know it's so good music!!

And we have tours in Sendai and Sapporo in this week!
Also check the informations on HPP-official about radio appearance!

Ah! I heard that HPP's article on news like Natalie!
Please check it!!!

The thunder seems occuring... I'm afraid a little.(laughing)


I wish it will be an help for you.


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Jonneh said...

That was nice of Akira to do :)
Thanks to both of you!