Monday, June 8, 2009

Anza JP Blog 6/1/09


I've returned home right after the live shows in Sendai City and Sapporo City ended safely~.

However, my body is feeling tired even though I'm so very HAPPY. (heart)

To start with, Thank you to everyone who came out to the concerts!!

I really felt the hot feeling everyone was transmitting from their heart. It made me feel warm inside....HPP will certainly return and play there again!!! Please be looking forward to it, OK?!

And now.....there were too many delicious foods to eat!!! (laugh)

The local dish in Sendai City that you certainly had to try was the Ox tongue and Mochi rice cakes!!

In Sapporo City, the thing you had to try was the sushi and fresh seafood bowl. Also, the sweets and shaved ice..... I overate!!!!(laugh)

But, as clever as I am at finding good food, I had to avoid eating more~!!!!

Tomorrow, I'll have to take it easy for a while and let my stomach shrink back to normal. (laugh)

I need to get back to writing song lyrics.

Now, June has started.

This month I'm rushing into a fierce schedule!!!

I'll be making several different announcements this month, so keep checking in, OK?!

I think that's everything~!!!!!

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Jonneh said...

Ooo, "several different announcements" coming up :o