Saturday, July 26, 2008

HPP Blog 7/24/08

Hey, (star) It's Anza

Hold on for my latest Blog entry. (laugh)

For some reason, Mar posted a blog saying he started his own coffee shop and named it after himself. (laugh)

But you know, some of the guys might eventually open their own store. (laugh)

Now, I'm posting today, then I'm off to Taiwan. Last year there was a severe amount of humidity.....This year we are considerably more prepared.....

hopefully-------Please God! ?

This time our band is looking forward to seeing Taiwan with a local band which should be fun.

After the Live Festival, I have plans to pick up a pair of fake Converse shoes. (laugh) I bought a pair last year and they turned out to be my favorite!!

There's a shoe store at Taipei Station in an underground shopping Mall. I hope I can make it.

Have I properly prepared the other members for this trip? I think they all have their passports. (laugh) After going to Australia to perform, they may have misplaced them.

Me? I'm prepared....sort of. (laugh)

By the way, there have been many earthquakes. Iwate had a strong one that registered more than 6......I'm fine....

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