Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/22/08

Understanding it.

HPP has just finished our studio rehearsal.

I like to think of my vocals as a musical instrument and I somehow use them like one. However, if I tried to used them like a guitar or a bass drum, I don't think that would work!

I feel that the Live houses in Japan have gotten truly good equipment for playing live music.

Every time we do a live overseas, something strange or funny is bound to happen. Like equipment problems, having an old guitar amp frying a fuse...or stage monitors you can barely hear...we're being forged in a fire!

The power of the band is put to the test instantly at those moments.

As for HPP, I feel that we have a lot of things left to do.

Now, should we do a free live show? I'd like to try that. I'd like to test my ambitions and goals, and throw everything into it. ?

What should I do?.....(laugh)


If Anza wants to do a free show, I would think they have bands for fireworks Festivals. Or, do a live show in a park with help from the Department of Parks and Rec. with Towers records and a radio station as sponsors. That's the way we would do it in the US.

Also, HPP will be headed to Taiwan for the Formoz Festival in a day or two. You may want to send a message to Narumi on the HPP Myspace page to wish them well.

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