Sunday, July 20, 2008

HPP Blog 07/19/08

Hey☆it's ANZA.

What? It turns me again?? What are you doing, other members~~?(laughting)
Oh…Thank you for a message in comment.
The HPP member is preparing for a Taiwanese festival now. It is every day when it makes a fuss all the time.
We must be careful about machine parts or something or other maintenance by a flow with an event of CITTA and the Taiwanese festival from an Australian tour.
It is a matter of course…. The reallty is not readily possible the commonplace well(laughting) Being steady!! Yes!!!

I think and feel various things, and I live every day recently.
I can feel terrible that I drained it carefully, and do my circumference and oneself change so far...?
I do not understand it well... But I want to really live in every day seriously.
The song is so.
The truth does not need the thing which I elaborated in the case of HPP, and a real feeling is important.
The live of every time does not become same.
The song is so, too. It is natural that different to think every time, because we're living.
I am ruled over by myself till I enter the stage and go down. It is past, and it is the present….
I do not want sing the song of the false cry lie! I sing any kind of genre conflicts for seriousness!!
Members of HPP always hold out hands to such oneself.
Therefore I am used to seriousness.
And it is supported by all of you taking it.
Therefore I can sing for seriousness.

Well, what happens to the next album...?(layguing)
Tehehe...The making of music is pleasant.

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