Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anza JP Blog7/16/08

Man, I have a pain in my neck. (laugh) I wish this ache would go away....Uh huh....

Hey! I wasn't expecting something like that.

How many people take it seriously when you sing your music? ?

Once the live show is over, you leave the stage with your body and voice trembling. I have the feeling that I'm all used up.

Being true to the genre of the music, I don't want to forget what the fans like. So, I struggle to do my best.

Tomorrow is the second round of "Rekodingu". ( the date changed.....laugh)

It's serious.


I'm not sure what "Rekodingu" is. Could be almost anything.

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Itachi said...

you're not sure what "rekodingu" is? That's sarcasm, right?...recording?