Sunday, July 20, 2008

HPP Blog 07/14/08

Hey☆it's ANZA.

Thank you for the people who came to Kawasaki though it was hot.
Yesterday I saw the face of the various places to the front row very well because the there was a DVD shooting and comparatively bright illuminations.
I was pleased with selfishness to see the everyone's eyes, absolutely.(laughting) Hey... Sometimes I seem scowl you...but it is never it for the reason disliking you by any means.(laughing)
However there was so hot. It was really hard for me poor at moisture~.

We did a new song.
That music has special thought.
An acquaintance died just recently.
It be too crushed…myself almost disappears, too.
Originally it was different music. It's a music made of the rooms of the Australian hotel. It is by considerable short time with a member.
Surely I think that it was the music that I should make. I think that my thought reached the member because Ii was very simplify it….
It was good that I had a member of HPP.
I am not alone….

A place to hit all thought on.
A place to color all space into.
All real.
And the place where is like a human being.

I am not cencerned even if I make a wound to a body even if a bruise is left.
The place that can confirm one's existence always comes together with the wound.
Because it is serious. A bruise is full this time. Because is seriously(laughing)
I wished that i wanted to be a human being to stand with all a body and soul forever in the stage.

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