Monday, July 28, 2008

HPP Blog 7/27/08

Hey! (star) It's Anza.

I'm back in Japan after our show in Taiwan.

I can sum up the trip in one word........Great!!!!!!!!!!

If you exclude the humidity, Taiwan is the best! But, the real heat was at the Live concert.

A lot of fans showed up with the HPP Formoz picture book from a year ago~ they brought them with then to the show.......I was so happy.

Cheers and applause welcomed us which proved to us they were ready to rock. ?

For the first time, someone tried to pull me down to the seats from the stage. (laugh)

I just reached out my hand for a second......then many people had me by the arm!!!! Well, I was surprised. (laugh)

But, all the love I felt in Taiwan!! ~~~~~~~~I won't forget it!

Perhaps Hiro will do a Taiwan report? I think he should do it for me as a favor. (laugh)

Here are photographs of Taiwan. It's at lunch before the live concert.


Ksusha said...

Wow! On the last picture "Хлеб Соль" is written in Russian, that means "Bread and Salt"!!! Interestingly, why in Taiwan does write the names on Russian??!!) What does it mean??))

Matt said...

I don't know why they have Russian signs in Taiwan. Thanks for pointing that out. But, it looks to me like some kind of Russian fast food restaurant.