Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/6/08 *Akira Edit*


Once again my physical condition is weird...

My stomach started to make noise during a band rehearsal after I went to the stone sauna....then, after that, it became worse....

What's wrong? Is it supposed to be that bad when you start to dry out?Or is it a cold??

Some delicious food was placed before my eye and I tried to eat it, even though it was hot and spicy.....then shoot!!!!!!!!

However, I truly did receive a wonderful gift! I was almost already in tears!!

I will be fine!!!!! The present was something secret. (laugh)


Thanks again to Rika-Chicchi for some helpful pointers.


"Akira Translation"

Of course I will help you anytime when you're

Here's a translation of me.

Physical condition is bad once again.....
I go for bedrock bath, then come to have something
wrong with the stomach during the reharsal of the
Then it begins bad and bad....
What is it?
Has a bad thing took out with detox?
Or is it a cold??
It is hard for me that I can't eat appetizing foods
very front of me.......Sh*t!
But I had a really splendid present!
I'm happy so much with tears!!
I seem to be able to get well!!!!!
It's a secret what it is. (laughing)

Do you know bedrock bath?
It's good for health and she likes it so much.
But sometimes it cause some bad conditions.
So maybe her stomach get wrong because of it.
Here's a link for bedrock bath spa where I've worked
for a years ago.
(Sorry, only in Japanese.)

I hope this will be something help for you.
Take care.


Once again, Thank God for Akira.

When I first started this translation Blog, I thought I was familiar enough with Japanese Cultural differences to be able to do a really good job. But, Anza is able to post a new cultural difference per week. That's what makes translating difficult.

You can tell "Detox" has different cultural meanings. My translation makes Anza sound like a bit of a lush. lol

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