Saturday, April 19, 2008

HPP Blog 4/18/08

It's Anza (star)

Hey! What's with this being sleepy everyday....does this have something to do with "spring sickness"??

Such as it is, my post to celebrate Mar's birthday has been delayed 2 days~!

HPP members and Batch, with help from a few friends that run with the band came out to party!

Extremely extremely, delightful Mar at 32 years of age. (laugh)

He was given many presents, however the best present that brought the most laughter was Foster's Life Saki from Hiro.

Well well, the older brother giving the younger brother Foster's Saki is different. (laughing)

Usually, it's the reverse. (laugh)

Anyhow, Congratulations!!!

{ 2 pics }


We've also had a little excitement here in Kentucky. We were rocked by a 5.2 earthquake. We don't get many , so this was a big deal here.

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