Monday, April 14, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/11/08

Let Me See.

My physical condition is improving, thanks to a vigorous exercise routine I'm doing every day. (laugh)

If only I had more time to hit the swimming pool after working out at the gym. I'm feeling like a fish. (laugh)

Today, after a long time, the fine weather has returned. Yes! It's something to see the sky when I look up. It makes me happy as I walk along. (heart)

After this, my next stage practice is about to begin. This is something I'm really anticipating. It's my wish to do this as much as possible!

The rumor is that it's likely this year will end at a dizzying pace.....(laugh)

Also, HPP is about to start the second half of the live schedule at Hokkaido!!

Hey! I'm doing my best.

Working out......working out!!!!!!! (laugh)


If Anza needs a personal trainer, I'm available. lol

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