Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anza JP Fri. 8/17/07

Anza JP 8/17/07 entry #2

Right Away!!

The second day of practice was longer and we did a standing walk through. Of course, as we rehearse the script you think "Wow! All the actors are so amazing!!"

Very soon I'll have all my lines memorized. That was fast!

There's just one speech to a man that I find difficult to remember. I need to try harder!

Also, I usually show up in my gym suit , but my part calls for me to wear a yakuta, so I'll have to practice in that soon.

As for me, the role of the Samurai woman is the perfect part. It'll be fun to wear a yakuta more. (laugh)

In the training room you can feel the enthusiasm of all the actors and all the staff hotly. Tomorrow, the pace will likely be frantic!!I'll stretch my legs before I start, so I can deliver my speech when it comes to it!!!!

*This is the second entry of the day and it actually comes after the entry posted below.*

Stage Meeting

In September, I perform in the musical, "Ai, Toki wo koete (Love, across the time) Sekigahara ibun" and practice has already begun.

I was a bit nervous when I first met the cast and staff, but now it's exciting to be working in the training room.

Because I have a lot of theater experience, it's delightful to bring a story to life after a long time away from the stage. I'm very happy!

Now, I'm working with a truly wonderful cast, so I'll have to work hard if I don't want to look unpolished.

Also, we've been struck by many small earthquakes. They started as slight tremors, now they're getting stronger.

This morning there was a level 4 earthquake which made me jump to my feet. Man, it surprised me! There was no damage, but it is unsettling. (Worry)

Today there's no photograph. I forgot to take one.

Anza didn't upload a pic, so I posted the musical posters. This is the show she's talking about. There's also a link to the official site.

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