Monday, August 13, 2007

Mito show

Here's an extra Edition for those who like following Anza and HPP. I got some news about the Mito show from Mar, the HPP guitarist.

On his Mixi page, he says that they headlined and played for 50 minutes. He said it was like a mini Solo show. The set list posted include.

1: outside
2: What's
3: inside
4:new song
5: new song 2
6: snares
7: Ill-treat
8: F's
9: I will stay

I kinda wonder which version of Inside they played. They played a really cool version at the Baggot Inn in New York. It was a mix of the studio version and the DVD version.

Another song they played at the Baggot Inn was Wandering. Anza sounds so good on that live. Of the three shows they did last year in the US, the Baggot Inn show was the best musically.

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