Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HPP Diary 8/28/07

? ( don't know)

Man, it's hot! Don't you think? You can't beat the summer heat....

The HPP members are making the last spurt to finish the album. But, not having a live show to do is harsh.

Lately, I feel there are times in this world where you can really see how hateful people can be. Someone in authority screws someone else with a lie, which is a transparent abuse of power. I guess an adult who covets every thing he can get his hands on is to be expected.

How can we say that our society believes in equality? When for some, there's an everyday struggle to keep your head above water. Who decides how low is the bottom and what is an acceptable way for treating people there?

However, thanks to you, this valuable lesson is remembered.

When HPP and I got together to form the band, it was our desire to convey the message of the struggle for equality and fair play.

On the album is one tune where we try to drive home the point. I feel the song will hit hard.

My stomach is still painful. (laughter)


I know what Anza is saying, but I think Van Halen said it best:
"Did someone say *Fair Warning*?
Lord, strike that poor boy down."

If Anza really wanted to see coveting jackasses abusing power, she should come to Kentucky. Around here, they all get elected.

If New York won't treat HPP right, I think they should do some shows in LA. I wrote Mar with a few suggestions.

Or Anza could use her connections with Universal to get booked at the Amphitheater .

Maybe we can start a grassroots campaign.

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