Friday, August 10, 2007

Anza HPP Diary 8/10/07

*EDIT* I borrowed the gif from Ayumi Murata's Blog*

Well now.

Today, we also had fine weather, but it's still very hot!

For a change of pace, I went out for a walk. I felt a little dizzy on the return trip home. (laugh)

Tomorrow is the Mito Light House live show. To tell the truth, it'll be quite a long time to the next live. The fighting spirit of the band is great, and I think they'll make it through the break alright. (laughing)

When the show ends, it'll be back to the old recording routine.

We're all preparing for the November album sale, the staff and the band are working hard. When everyone gets live show withdrawal symptoms, I hope we can endure watching the DVD. (laugh) Please remember me.

Tomorrow, when it comes to it, I feel that we'll probably do a longer than usual stage performance.

Everyone, let's meet at the Mito Light House.

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