Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anza JP 8/21/07


Well, as expected, I'm starting to feel really worn out. (laughing)

From noon stage practice to the evening, then you have to get serious with the band and pre-production of the CD. It's an every day balancing act.

And stage practice is picking up steam so I have to make progress to get better at my part.

I'm surprised at how everyone in the cast are focusing on their roles. It's wonderful!!
I, of course, gasp in desperation. (laughing)

And then I feel like screaming with the band's approaching deadline.

I love putting the finishing touches on the tunes. You want to put everything you've learned into it to make the songs sound better.

My schedule is jammed to the end of August.

It's also important to take care of you health. ... I'm sticking with the Lipo D!!

Tomorrow, there's an early start to shooting Indie's Hotline. It'll be tough if I don't get some sleep.

There's no photo today. (crying)


I have no idea what this Lipo D is that Anza is talking about. It could be an energy drink or something you rub in your belly. I have no clue so I translated it literally.

If anyone knows what it is, just comment on it and I'll fix it.

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