Monday, August 27, 2007

Anza JP Blog 8/26/07

Everyday is passing at such a great speed, it almost feels like being drunk....

For the first time tomorrow, the direction of the play will roughly be in sequence. I guess that should be a good thing now....

Tomorrow is also the costume parade that I've been looking forward too, at last we'll have the feeling of a real stage performance. I'm busting with excitement!! (doki doki)

The other day, the band went photographing on location. However, I had a terrible suspicion that everything wasn't going to be all right....

Sure enough! A huge swarm of mosquitos showed up and started biting everyone. (laughter) And these mosquitos were not effected at all by the insect repellent....It was horrid~!

Even after 2 days, the itching is still dreadful!!

Viola! Now coming to my aid is the itch stopping cream.


So, it sounds to me like Anza and HPP have been doing photo shoots at Tokyo Bay and in the woods.

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