Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/01/07

So So

It's me Anza who's latest entry has come early. (laughing)

Well, I'm in desperate need to increase my body strength. (laughing) Already, we're working ourselves at a frantic pace here.

But, help is on the way thanks to the producer Kim from Kimashita who sprang for everyone's lunch. I got the eel obento.

The food was delicious, you can tell by the smiling faces of the four actors.

First is Hiromi who plays Rina, then Manabu who plays Osamu, and the 2nd son Jiro who plays Taka-chan. ?


I still haven't been able to finish downloading the names software. So, take those last names with a grain of salt. I did my best to look them up on Google JP.

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