Friday, December 14, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/10/07

Thank You!!

The opening day of "The Gift" has finished safely leaving 3 performances where we go out to meet the crowd.

Everyday when I get home, it feels like I have energy to burn.

I've put 150% of all my physical strength and will into my Gift performance. Why? Because I take it seriously!

I haven't been able to renew my Blog as much as I'd like. Sorry!

Meanwhile, when I encountered some fans, I was in tears, when they said it was like a reunion going on.

On opening day, I saw the face of Bessyo Yuji who played Jiro Takashi last year. Something about seeing his face in the audience made me cry and he saw it. Man! (laugh) ?

This work has a truly powerful influence on people and you feel like the person is your older brother. In some respects, Yuji was an older brother when 4 amazing young actors supported each other. They really acted like brothers.

Naturally, this year we were able to add a new brother to the cast. (laugh)

Only one change in the part timers over the course of one year isn't too bad. (laugh)

Hey! This is coming from the abandoned and miserable older sister. (laughing)

I'm ready to get my message across with real genuine honesty in the next performances. I feel like I have no choice.

Tomorrow, I'll do my best.


Sorry it took so long to do this one. It's tough when you're not familiar with the actors or the play.

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