Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anza JP Blog 11/30/07


Today (29th) there is a cloudy sky.

For some reason, I feel into a depressed and melancholy mood....There were all sorts of things I was thinking about, and I was struck by all sorts of feelings in one day.

For example, while I was out walking, I ran across a parent and child with smiling faces and suddenly a tear popped out.

Then it took all my might to climb a flight of stairs, when I saw a grandma and there was a sudden moment when my heart felt painful....that was strange.

And then, I wanted to shun my close friends, but I wanted to hug those people that I disliked in the past.

I guess I'm still growing in this human life. (laugh)

Tomorrow, what will happen? Something else, more than likely.

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