Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anza JP Blog 6/24/08


The HPP Tour is off to Australia for approximately 10 days. I'll see you later.

I have nothing prepared to be ready for the trip just yet. But, that happens every time. (laugh)

Tonight will be a sleepless night.

It will be if I don't try hard. Don't you think? ?


Anza and the guys should just about be on their way now. Be sure to write them and wish them well on this part of the tour.


set_0ne said...

I live in Australia...I'm upset I was out of the loop with HPP then I might have been able to book a plane ticket to go see my favorite band...aarrrgggghhhh!!!!

Matt said...

Hey set_One.

I'm not sure where you live in Australia, but it's not to late to see them. They have one more show tonight in Sydney, and a show in Melbourne on July 1st.

Just check their official page for details. If you can fly to the Melbourne show, write them and let them know you're coming.

Definitely go to the show if you can. You won't regret it!

set_0ne said...

Hey Matt,

Can't..I've got work commitments and this month is expensive for me. Besides that I live a whole plane trip away from Melbourne and 2 plane trips away from Sydney. So plane trip and accomidation is going to be expensive.

Amazingly getting to see them is really cheap which would be the only good thing when it came to

I so wish I still lived in Melbourne (I now live in Tasmania).

Anonymous said...

Hi Anza~!!Hope to see you guys this Tuesday.Actually me and the other guys are talking with Tote(the place you are about to play in)to see if we can interview you for our show^^ Hehe,maybe see you in person in our interview??^^ xoxo Tingting

Matt said...

Hi Tingting.

Thanks for your comment. But, you should know that this is a fan translation page and not an official site. Anza may or may not see your comment here.

If you want to get a message to Anza that she'll definitely see, I'd shoot her an email at

Don't forget to mention this site! Thanks