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Anza MySpace Blog 6/3/08


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For our next project, we have decided to shoot our 2nd live DVD and release it in October!!

We've made plans to do a live taping on July 13th at the Club Kawasaki.

Because of that, I want everyone's input on songs and questions for the HPP members!!!

Help us make this DVD production something special for the fans.

Certainly, teach me~!


HPP will release a new live DVD in October!!

It will include, "Making of" and "Interviews".

I have some questions!! ^^

Which songs do you want us to play??

What questions do you want to ask the HPP members??

Please, let me know!! ^^



Be sure to write Anza with your song requests and questions for the band. Your question could end up on the DVD! I love asking Anza questions, she's so cute when she answers you.

On a side note, I found an English Press release for Anza's next Musical on Japan Today. It's called, "Honkie de Only You" and features Mariya Takeuchi songs. Here's the press page.

Japan Today

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Ksusha said...

Ohh!! Thank you for information about new musical! I hope I'll can see it one day!) Good luck)