Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anza JP Blog 6/9/08

Last Show!!

The date has changed, but...."Rags and Jewelry" has finished it's Grand Finale.

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who came out to see the show. Truly, Thank you very much.

For this performance, the bold honesty was difficult and painful....in spite of that, I was up to it keeping my body in control.

Julia's experience has given me a lot to think about. Like, what were her intentions and limits???
By the way, producer Ken Sho Yamamoto at dress rehearsal, wanted me to grasp Julia's world as a person. To realize the source of her feelings and embrace the real Julia.

Now, it seems like Julia is a part of me still. (laugh)

This latest company was one where the laughter never stopped. From the big senior actors, down to the young and energetic performers, there was constant laughter. Truly, for all your warm words and for the look of the play, I want to send a message to everyone of the cast. Thank you. (heart)

Also, everyone on the staff, Thank you all!!!!

And then, there is something I must not forget to do. (laugh) To HPP guitar player Hiro, for the lovely guitar musical performance, Thank You! It was precious to have you there!!!

Yuji san was another actor at the play.

It was "The Gift" since we last appeared together on stage. I'm thankful that I got to work together with him again.

Originally, actor Yuji played the older brother of the musician. Still, Yuji's acting as an older brother is GOOD!! ?

Anyway, it was a short performance, and a wonderful experience. From the bottom of my heart, Thanks

Tomorrow....wait, today is the HPP live. Hey! I'll have to switch over to my other self. (laugh)

Well, from Julia, Good Night. (laugh)

Miss Julia (laugh)
To celebrate after the performance, a picture with my older brother, Yuji. (laugh)


Sounds like Anza had a wonderful time performing in this play.

I like the picture of Julia and her fluffy hair clips.

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Selena said...

ANZA-chan kawaii in her fluffy hair clips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!