Sunday, June 22, 2008

HPP Blog 6/21/08

It's Anza (star)

I have something of a, "long time, no see" feeling.....

It's like we go through every day at a mad rush. Even now, the running around I do in life continues to grow.

Oh! Thank you very much to everyone who came out to see the play, "Rags and Jewelry". Our leader, Hiro, played the guitar in a musical performance on stage. This was our first time co-acting, excepting was a bit strange.

Good Heavens! It was like discovering how amazing Hiro is, yet again. (laugh)

We went together through all the stage nervousness, although Hiro-san was worse. (laughing)

Speaking of which.....All the HPP members are pre-occupied with preparations for the Australian Tour. That's a difficult task for me.....but that's just the usual thing. (laughing)

The band that is touring with us, aStranger, has a great sound. They are seriously cool. They have ratcheted up the tension.

HPP would like to convey a world view....we'd like to leave something behind.....and then step up and try not to fall short in our live challenge.


The group is important, family is important, very important.....

Seeing as many smiling faces as we can is what we wish for.

Is it possible to affect people in a way that weakens them? I wonder.

However, I'm also a human. I think humans could use more true kindness.

That's why we take care to be kind and affectionate at every meeting.

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