Friday, July 6, 2007

Anza HPP Blog 7/3/07

Rainy Season??

The rainfall has been very unpredictable, don't you think? (laugh)

My laundry basket is overflowing, not a good sign.

I'm a little impatient trying to finish the Album before the deadline.

We're getting the camera's and equipment set up in preparation of recording the PV video.

That's in the final stages.

It's always new territory when you're trying to create a video treasure.

Even when I feel good about it, I still have my doubts.

However, I want the video to convey my happiness, but I still want my serious experiences to come through, don't you think?

For example, the loneliness you feel when trapped in a recording booth for days. (laugh) and the pressure the day before the recording deadline (smile).

It's thrilling stuff, with lot's of chances to shine and prove yourself. For sure!

The times when I feel weak under the pressure are many.

Still, singing with HPP helps me become strong.

With out fail, the guys from the group, staff, and fan support are a real blessing to help me shine.

Now I'm waiting for the sun to go down!!

Time to do my best and get the job done.


I put a lot of thought into this one. It was a bit tricky in places. So, I hope I got it right.


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