Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anza JP & HPP Blogs Monday, 7/16/07

*Title Edit 7/16/07*
*There was lots and lots and lots of rain*

My whole body is stiff and sore!!!!!

It's inevitable that after a live show I feel like that!

Everything is starting to settle down now that the Typhoon has passed.

I actually saw the sun today after a long time....

The laundry is piling up again, I've been reluctant to do it and it's starting to get the best of me.

It seems like things haven't been going my way recently, but I still feel like good things are headed my way!!

Soon, I'll go and jump into my bed, I hear it calling me!

I'm as excited as if I were going on a pleasure cruise. (laughing)

HPP Blog

Is everyone doing fine? To the fans who came to the lower Kitazawa Mosaic Show on Saturday the 14th, Thank you very much!

With the rain coming down because of the influence of the Typhoon, we were worried that us and everyone else would get home safely...

Well, the warm feeling from the Solo show has gone in the blink of an eye.

Still, doing a live show is a great feeling!!!!

We're sorry, but it will be a while before we do another live in Tokyo!!!

Right now, I'm concentrating on recording the Album!!!

That being said, next is the Mito live and the Taiwan music Festival. Can I manage?? (laugh)

I think with my sore muscles, I'll just head off to bed. (laugh)


Anza does put on a lively show. She doesn't hold anything back.


After reading comments by Mar and Marina Kuroki, I decided tha Anza was talking about the typhoon in her blog title, and not the stiffness from performing at the live show. It seems that Tokyo got a real blow from this and it was raining hard at the HPP live at Mosaic. I have a comment from Mar, the HPP Guitar player that he posted on mixi about the show.

This is just google translated, but it let's you know how it was.

[HEADPHONES PRESIDENT] topic 2007 July 16th 00:17 mosaic end! Everyone in at that typhoon of MAR@HPP going lively thank you truly!! For a while, it is not live inside capital, however it is, don't you think? ahead this please come to play lively, this following live of the ♪ in Taiwan becomes live!

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