Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anza JP & HPP Blogs 7/12/07

Anza JP
Damp & Humid

The humidity is too much to put up with!!!!!!!!

It's the worst enemy for damaging you hair!!!

I'm envious of people who have straight hair.

Even so, I've been totally absorbed by recording with the band.

It's serious business, and I feel that we're making progress.

It seems like we should have been done quickly...

(Off in the distance) The rain is moving in, I've been wanting to go to a barbeque!!!

I hope soon my wish will come true...

HPP Blog

The skies haven't cleared up today like I wished they would. (cry)

It seem like things aren't going too well in the city.

I wish the rain would help the water shortage.

Now days, I feel too tired to bend over and tie my shoes.

Surely I can't be that tired. (laughing)

When your cut off from pleasant things, it's easy for your perspective to become distorted.

You get mad and have nothing to take it out on.

It feels like your spitting your anger out into the recording.

But, there's a false rumor that I don't like recording.

What to be done about that...I wonder....

Anyway, how's everybody doing??


From what I heard on the Die Hard 4 movie clip, Anza is really putting a lot into this new album.

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