Sunday, July 8, 2007

Marz Solo Show

I have a Japanese friend Akira on Myspace that went to the HPP Solo show at Marz. She said it was alright to use her blog about the show, so I'm posting it here. I'm a little behind on my translations, but this should hold everyone over till I can get to work on it.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Toy's Box Final

Hi. This is my first entry. (Sorry but I'm writing this on 8th July.)

About HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT's solo show... it was exciting. So amazing show.
About 7:40 pm, at Shinjuku MARZ, there was a big screen. Started the movie at their Sweden tour and offshot. That was funny movie! The live at Sweden is defferent to that of Japan because the audience is more excited.

After that the show is started. They played 15 songs includes new songs. About 2 hours but it felt the time past the fast. At the middle of playing HIRO's guiter is crushed so they played new session, but it was good too. At the number of "Alien Blood", I cried because I have th same experience to ANZA. It makes me sad.

Once they finished playing, ANZA started to speak. "Thanks for coming today. We are now in recording. Yeah we will release new CD album. It must be the greatest one so please check it out!!"

And they played 2 encole songs. The show was finished... We were excited and felt awesome.

Set List
1. Outside
2. What's
3. Inside
4. Just like
5. I'll-treat
6. Too scared
7. Shit now
8. Crumbled
9. A-La-Z
10. New Song 1
11. New Song 2
12. New Song 3
13. Shouting
14. Alien Blood
15. I will stay

After the live HPP members filmed the TV program "INDIES HOT LINE". And we took many pictures. (Thanks for HPP members!) I up them on my mixi album so if you're mixi member, please check it out. There are good pictures!!!

By the way about ANZA's solo activity, she will be in some musicals, "Ai, Toki wo koete(Love, across the time) ~Sekigahara ibun" and "GIFT". Especially "Ai~" is with Yoshino Keigo-san who was Enjorlas in Les Miserables so "Akira, it will great musical for you" she said. She was offered about "Miss Saigon" and "RENT" but they were canceled because of for HPP works. HPP will be busy for CD release and live tour all over the world!!

You can use this text freely.

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