Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anza JP Blog 7/17/07

I'm Here!

I finally went!

To my Nikko Edo Village which I totally love!!!!!!!

I reached the end of my rope a long time ago.

So, it's been a sad half a year that I wasn't able to make the trip....

It's quite a distance to travel (seriously)!!

Yup, of course, I got to meet the actor I respect and admire Ken Hasegawa. And there's more. I also met Mr. Kono Saturo!!!

I'm afraid to say, but the unexpected rain caused them to stop the outdoor musical program.

But now I have a good reason to go and see the show again!!

Well, as expected, Nikko Edo Village is a splendid place to be. With the nature surrounding Edo, it's the best place to watch a drama.

This town is the one I treasure the most.

So, everyone come here without fail to Nikko Edo Village to see the play. Watch the spontaneous and and wonderful actor who's performance is hot!!! Do it for me.

Today I decided to upload a photograph.!! My fans have been wanting to see me (laughter)

And then on TV, I heard about the Niigata earthquake. It's a beautiful thing when we hear of others problems and then lend a hand to help out. I'm a fan of those who offer their support. It's a big worry when we don't care.


I had some help with this entry from Akira. She told me that the name of the town is Nikko Edo Village. I think I found a link to their website and posted it. It's about a two hour bullet train ride from Tokyo.

Akira also say the guy with Anza in the pic is probably Ken Hasegawa.

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