Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anza JP & HPP Blog, Thur. 7/26/07

Oh my!

The humidity has jumped up and it's really muggy!

Even though the end of the rainy season is still far away, I'd like to see it soon....

Recently, we finished the rehearsal for the live, Thank God!

And, we tried a new mix on one of the new tunes to make it sound better.

This week, we're headed to Taiwan on the 28th. This is for the HPP stage appearance and concert.

This is my first trip to Taiwan and I'm feeling a little insecure, but this is worth doing and I'm looking forward to it!

I'm filling up on my delicious noodles one last time before I go.

In the photo, I'm introducing my favorite decorative plant. I'm not sure what it's called. Sorry. But I thought I'd show it anyway. (laugh)

I'm feeling good and I'm ready to go!!

HPP Blog

Love to meet!

First of all, it has really gotten hot. With the moisture and humidity so high, it has done it's best to sap my strength. So, even though I'm plodding along, I get to where I'm going. (laugh)

This week I'm off to Taiwan to do our first live show. My heart is pounding and I can't wait for my chance to perform.

But still...there's the excitement of getting the HPP baggage on the plane before take-off. I hope we're not unprepared and I'm up to the task. (laughing)

We'll just have to see how it goes this time.

I was looking at Anza's plant and it looks like a type of fern.

If you missed Anza's blog about the trip to Sweden, then you missed her entry of the trouble getting out of Tokyo airport. It seems that the airline claimed the HPP baggage was over the weight limit for the flight and they wanted to charge Anza another ticket price to haul the equipment.

Anza, being the frugal girl she is, told them it wasn't over the limit and refused to buy an extra ticket. After a they weighed the baggage a second time, they determined that everything was within the limits and let them board. They just barely made it in time for the flight to Sweden.

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