Friday, February 13, 2009

Anza JP Blog 2/12/09

No go~

Here's the latest thing I've gotten into........Nothing. (laugh)

What do I need to break free from?!!! Me!!! (laugh)

I still want to go snowboarding among other things. Like a trip to Guam or Sunlight Edo Village. It seems my hopes are dashed everyday. Is it useless to wish?

You would think that going to the Gym would be easy, but the time slips away from me......I haven't been able to go for an aroma massage therapy either.

The only enjoyment I get is staying up late at night and that's it. (laugh)

When I finish work, I stick my feet into the foot warmer, watch the TV, eat a bunch of sweets, then go to bed. That's the pattern for now, but it's still pleasant, right?

When you're working on a tune, you try to get into it and make it worthy to be listened to, and at the same time, you turn into one dull person, don't you think? (laugh)

That's why my foot warmer has become my guilty pleasure!!

Say~ we'll start recording very soon.

We're headed down the home stretch!!


I think Anza needs a hug!

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