Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anza JP Blog 2/21/09

What have I been doing?

The weather has been cold. But, I was able to do something hot to be refreshed and restore my peace of mind.

Mu ha ha ha.......Do you know what it was? I got to go snowboarding which is my favorite pastime!

On top of that, the weather there was great. Warm and sunny. It was awesome! Oh yeah.

However, the next day my body was really sore. (laugh)

It couldn't come at a worse time, because next week I have to give in and start recording.

This time will there be some sort of miracle?.....

Personally, it's my true nature to dislike grow accustomed to it, but it's such an empty feeling.

Although, I do fight to win in the recording booth. (laugh)

Once that is finished, we're still not touring~~!!

I'm looking forward to eating delicious foods and going to the hot spring.

I feel when I take care of myself my spirit is lifted up. The tension rises!


It looks like Anza got my Valentine present. (laugh)

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