Monday, February 2, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/31/09


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Buddhism is broken it seems, do you ever think that? In my case, I tend to always be broken, at least that's how the picture looks to me. (laugh)

When your heart breaks, it turns out you're a 0 (zero) I guess, is it?.....

It's a certainty that you'll be exhausted in the end, so for some reason 0=Zero whether you want it to or not. (?)

But still, nothing = what? That's a lot to think about and you just might be walking into a mine field. The situation can become critical, right?

People and their emotions about the things that happen to them are something to think about. They get troubled or their feelings hurt. They're made to suffer, to cry, to laugh, and to get angry.......and then the cycle repeats and never ends.....Hey! Like me. I'm busy, really. (laugh)

The rain has finally stopped, hasn't it? Yesterday and today the cold weather has become severe, don't you think?

Of course, as for Cairo, he has a style that sticks out. (laugh)


I did my best to translate this, although I couldn't quite grasp her meaning in some parts of the entry.

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Bunny said...

It sounds like she's saying that Buddhism seems strange to her - the ultimate goal being a "snuffing out" so that you become nothing. Could this be the source of the zero confusion? I wish I could read the Japanese so I could be more helpful... but then, if I could, I wouldn't be reading the translation! ^_^;