Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 2/21/09

Bone chilling cold.

current mood: crunk

Last week, construction work started out in front of my house. All the noise they made as they started tearing things up contributed to my lack of sleep. I have to get my sleep and going out makes me nervous.

I think it's colder than usual for this time of year. It makes my head feel dazed and my body feel sluggish. I wonder if I'll burn up the rest of my reserve strength soon?.....

Next week we're scheduled to start recording. I have to submit for the second round, so the tension's likely to go up.........

I guess things will get heated up, if the past is any indication of what lies ahead.

Sometimes there's an unexpected fit of anger and you cry and shout. That's because there are so many things working against you when you're trying to record.

But, if I recall correctly, a person has to be ready because fine things also unexpectedly happen. Lately, I've toughened up. (laugh)

I think it kind of helps me to stay more positive. I don't want to be praising myself, so I'm sorry for the low tone this conversation has taken. I beg your pardon. (laugh)

The other day I went snowboarding.

There was fine weather in the white world and in my ignorance I slipped at breakneck speed in the dry conditions. Have you ever had an experience where you think you've hit the limit?.....

On such occasions does life come to an end?...... (?)

It's easy to be forgetful, but it's wonderful if you remember to smile daily. Tomorrow, I'll also try to do my best.

Everyone also, don't forget your smile, OK? (heart)


The pic of the ski area is from Emi Kuriyama's Blog

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