Friday, February 6, 2009

Anza JP Blog 2/4/09

Passing the musical baton!

Hello. I've used up all my strength and I've been unsteady on my feet all day. Whew! (laugh)

Yesterday at Shibuya AX the debut Live Show for Vitamin-Q finished safely! Well, I began by trying to somehow grasp what's going on, and when I finally started getting comfortable and into the groove, it ended. (laugh)

Still it was really fun~

The HPP live show doesn't have an MC. So, there was a lot of tension for me as I tried greeting people as the MC. (laugh)

Anyhow, it was terrific to spend such a splendid time with everyone and it made me very happy. (heart) I can't wait for the day we can do it again!!

The band members were truly wonderful, along with the chorus girls Shanti and Aisa. Not to mention everyone on the staff. To everyone who came out to see us, Thank you very much!!

And I like Onishi the girl who did the opening act for us. She did a great job!!

It appears likely that I'll be doing a 20th year Event with wonderful musical performances and lovely songs to entertain the fans. You're looking forward to it, right? (heart)

The photographs are from the rehearsal studio and us girls before the Live performance.!


I couldn't translate the entire name of the girl who did the opening act, so Onishi is all I wrote down.

Do love the pics. Especially the one before the concert with Anza and the "Do-Wop" girls. lol


Jon said...

As do I! :D
Can't wait for the translation!

Katie said...

Me too! Anza looks gorgeous.